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Ask Krysten! Advice Column

Q. Lately I feel like my boyfriend is cheating on me.  He doesn't seem to want me anymore.  Plus, we fight a lot, and I hate it. 

A. Where there's a bad vibe, there's trouble.  Whether he's hooking up with someone or he's preoccupied with competing student-loan forms, your relationship is not in good shape.  Find out what his deal is (it sounds like this is about him, not you), and don't be afraid to put him on the spot--let him know his behavior is making you sad and suspicious.  If he sees the error of his ways, give him a probation period.  But if nothing changes, end it.  Being alone is way better than being one half a of dysfunctional couple.

Q. I think I'm losing love for the guy I've been dating for seven months.  I talked to my mom, and she says it's because the relationship isn't new anymore.  Is she right?

A. Absolutely.  Sometimes that elated, sort of light-headed feeling you get at the start of a brand-new relationship is positively addictive.  But it inevitably fades--and that's not a bad thing.  Once the giddy period is over, the relationship either changes for the better (you're completely comfortable around each other and things are more intense in a different way) or the worse (you realize the newness was the best thing you two had going). If the latter is true for you, you owe it to yourself--and the guy--to end things immediately.  However, if you always lose interest after a few months, evalute your ability to commit.  It's fine if you're not up for anything serious right now.  You just might want to consider staying single for awhile. 

Love Is..