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Love Is..

The Top 20 Signs of TRUE Love
The Top 20 Signs of FAKE Love
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20 Signs of FAKE Love According to St. Paul

20. You don't always get along.

19. You never go a day without fighting.

18. You believe that a little PDA (Public Display of Affection) never hurt anyone.

17. It's not okay to go a day without seeing one another.

16. You always question his intent and wonder whether or not feelings are mutual.

15. You are constantly trying to find out where he spends his free time to make sure that it's not with another girl.

14. He calls you his friend in front of others and you're afraid of what will happen behind closed doors.

13. He is antsy and wants to dive into a serious relationship.

12. He calls your cell phone 3 times a night just to find out who you're with.

11. You would pick your friends over him any day, and vice versa.

10. You know that after a day without speaking, there is tension.

9. You never rely on one another for comfort and support.

8. You're not willing to compromise and neither is he.

7. He gangs up on you when he knows you've done something wrong.

6. You wish you could get away.

5. You usually hang out just the two of you, because your friends don't like him.

4. You usually don't tell him about good things that happen in your life in fear of him getting jealous.

3. Your relationship is rocky and off-and-on.

2. He wouldn't be the first person you called if you needed somebody.

1. You believe in your heart that things won't last.


Love Is..