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Love Is..

The Top 20 Signs of TRUE Love
The Top 20 Signs of FAKE Love
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20 Signs of TRUE Love According to St. Paul

20. You get along.

19. You rarely fight.

18. You do not make public displays of affection ALL OF THE TIME.

17. You can go a day without seeing each other.

16. You know he thinks about you, he doesn't have to make special efforts.

15. Your relationship is comfortable, NOT questionable.

14. He introduces you to his friend as his girlfriend and wouldn't dream of disrespecting you.

13. He is willing to wait because he knows patience is key.

12. He doesn't get jealous when you're out with your guy friends, and vice versa.

11. You know you can always count on him. He knows you'll be there for him, too.

10. A fight doesn't break out when you haven't talked on the phone in a few days.

9. He is your biggest supporter, and you are his.

8. "My way or the highway" doesn't apply.

7. You can both look past one another's faults and see beautiful people.

6. You don't NEED "time away", but it's not a problem to have it.

5. Your friends are his friends, and vice versa.

4. You can celebrate one another's gains in life.

3. Your relationship withstands the test of time.

2. He is your biggest supporter, and you are his.

1. You can picture a future with him, not without.



Love Is..